My site is finally up - comments and feedbacks needed!

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11 Aug 10 03:40:23 pm
I am looking for some advice on my web site, that i created a week ago. I am still working on it. it is Link hidden: Login to view, what do i need to change or add to it? is it ok the way it is. Some items i put free shipping, other i put local pickup. I am still working on the shipping part also, i used a couple month ago and the experience was not bad. All advice are welcome, thank you for your time.

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12 Aug 10 01:44:20 am
Hi duhaney31,

You need to add an introductory paragraph, below the line ‘Welcome to Pay-less Bargain Outlet’. This is your chance to connect with the customers and assure them everything is being handled well. You can tell them the good qualities of the products you offer, give them any assurance about your service, etc. It is a sales pitch and it does make a lot of difference. =)

You can combine FAQ with Policies, and add information on payment methods that you accept. Do you send internationally? There's a dropdown option with countries, but it doesn't work. And if you will send to other countries, better keep the shipping rates updated per country.

Congratulations on your new website!


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5 Oct 10 11:27:18 pm
Hi duhaney31,

How's the site doing? Hope your sales are great :)

I would just like to add, maybe you'd like to get a matching domain based email add for a more professional look. Also mention your accepted payment methods in your FAQ section.

I think adding a bit more personal touch in your About Us page would be good also - say something about your company and how it came about or you could say more about yourself.

Hope this helps. The best of luck!


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6 Oct 10 12:05:02 am
The design aspect needs some thought in my opinion. I think the site design is far to open, it gives a very cold, sterile feel to the home page, where you want to be creating a warm and inviting environment.

Your home page is one of the most important pages, it greets your customers and if it's not a place where a customer feels welcome, then they can leave with a quick click of the mouse, and any sale will leave with them!

Think of a home page as being the room in your house where you greet visitors, just because their not in your own home means you want them to feel any less welcome and comfortable.

Colour is another area I think you should focus on, those current colours do nothing at all to make that site work. Logo design is another, 200-300 spent in this area can give you a great place to build a brand on.

: )

Mark (fudjj)

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11 Oct 10 04:21:52 am
Hi duhaney31,

Further to what fudjj has said about design, you could check out where you can hire designers for pretty competitive prices and for one-off jobs.

Check it out here: Link hidden: Login to view


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