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28 Feb 08 11:09:50 pm
For some weeks now i have been trying to put images of the books i am selling
on my website but all in vain . i am on the sea now not knowing hence to go .
i would really appreciate any one help .you can check the website here

thanks for stopping by
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29 Feb 08 07:02:54 am
yes, the images aren't appearing. Unfortunately the site is in PHP, and I know little about that - html is my bag!

HTML fix.

On your FTP uploader, go to public_html then click on images, then from your computer get the images and 'drag' them from the window (your computer) to the website - Image file. Then check the site, if the images arent working, check the link, it should be something like Link hidden: Login to view

As for PHP, I haven't got a clue.

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1 Mar 08 11:13:27 pm
hi grahamg

thanks for your visiting my website
i hope to try this method
Your comments were much appreciated.


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2 Mar 08 01:05:11 am
Your paths to the images are messed up.

Link hidden: Login to view C-HIC

Is not a valid URL and does not point to an image file (.gif, .jpg etc.)

Actually, playing around with the URL some I can't find the image at all.

Follow Graham's suggestion and get into your site's image folder and make sure that the images are actually there and will actually show when you enter the URL for them in your browser. Once that's established, you need to find where the image properties are determined in your PHP code. I note that many other images not associated with products are showing fine, so presumably your problem is in the PHP code for view_item.php

I am semi-good with PHP; feel free to PM me if you need some additional help.


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