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15 Dec 09 04:58:10 am
I have read discussions concerning some of the things that matters to the community. So I created, designed, and developed myPlace4Sales ( @ ) to provide members with an alternative platform to post their products online for $2.50 per item for 90 days term. All users register free. Registered users are the administrator of their myPlace4Sales. They will be able to add, delete, renew, and modify their postings. There is an option to preview postings. Also users can drag-n-drop items to their convenience for perspective buyers to view. Please note: every new item posted on myPlace4Sales is free for the first 30 days. Additionally, members will be given a handle number to give to others to access your myPlace4Sales directly.

Although myPlace4Sales is a start-up company, it has the most reliable platform and it provides a different simple and easy navigation systems than the other online vendors. However, members can continue to post one of their leading products on a high-trafficking web portal like eBay, drive prospective buyers to your myPlace4Sales, and whereby they could see all of your posted items. Lastly, I know of a perfect payment system for members to utilize. Just email me at Link hidden: Login to view for the free information. There is no catch-22. Thanks to everyone for reading this information and I hope things continue to work out.

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15 Dec 09 06:52:00 am
Hi maxinfo007,

It's always great to see people innovating, but I have to say - with no visible sign of traffic to your site, people would be foolish to pay $2.50 for a listing when they can list for free on plenty of other places that do get visitors. I know that sounds harsh, but it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and unfortunately your site doesn't offer any benefits at this stage.

We do look forward to seeing what you can do with it in future though.

All the best!


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15 Dec 09 08:20:29 am
Yeah, sorry maxinfo007, we love to see people giving it a red hot go, but what you're offering other members isn't going to have them knocking the doors down in the rush to take you up on the opportunity.

I hear what you're saying about driving ebay traffic, but while there are ways of driving ebay traffic off site, not always so easy to do. Combine that with the fact that you have platforms like ecater and bonanzle providing free listing platforms that already have traffic flow, and are growing, I think you need to take a serious look at your business model, it needs some tuning, but good luck with it.

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15 Dec 09 09:30:38 am
Hi maxinfo007,

It's great that you have come up with a new online sales platform for online sellers looking for eBay alternatives. Richelle and Fudjj had a point. I'd suggest taking a look at other websites like yours and then, figure out how you can compete. Getting traffic to your site would make signing up attractive to your prospect customers. Maybe you should consider running promotions like offering free listing for 30 days as you are still working on promoting your site and getting people to try it out.

I wish you all the best!


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