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14 Apr 08 02:28:56 pm

I am new to ebay and salehoo. I found salehoo is the best place for learning about dropship business. First of all I listed an item in ebay and its a branded one, the item was removed from ebay for trademark policy violation after a sale is made and left me embarrasing. Can any one well experienced in listing a branded items guide me to list the branded item? what are the situations ebay would take such a serious action? Will I have to get permission from the brand's authority for authentication to list an item?

Please help me :oops: .

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15 Apr 08 05:24:59 pm
Branded goods always present a problem when trying to sell on ebay. Most of the time it is another unscrupoulus seller who just hits the 'report' buttom located at the bottom of every listing. Then ebay automatically pulls the item...What is suppose to happen is that when someone reports an item a ebay employee is suppose to look at the listing and based on what they see,,,make a decision as to wether to leave the listing or pull it..However most of the time the just pull it without even giving the listing a review...Alot of experienced sellers know this and use it as a way of cutting their competitors...Very unfair,,but there are a ton of these types of sellers on ebay...Most likely this is what happened to you....

In addition most 'parent' companies do not want their products being sold by anyone who is not licensed by them. Most all branded companies require a master license or sub-license in order to sell their branded goods...This is done mostly through major dept stores, boutiques and 'factory stores' (which normally sell the out of date or season items).

A trademark violation can be numerous things..It can be using their discription, photos, logos, are any other thing that is covered under their copyright/trademark. Most designer companies are very aggressive in protecting their goods and copyright/trademarks.

That being said,,,If you do have an 'authentic' item and purchased it from an authorized seller, you have the right to resell that item and are covered by the 'first right of sell' law...What I normally do when I'm selling branded goods is several things:

First I always take a photo of the sales receipt (you can blank out the price you paid) and I include a photo if that receipt in my auction listing...Second I always include additional photos of the correct branded tags and labels of the item. Third I always send a phyiscal letter to ebay with a 'notice of intent to resell' and include a copy of my sales receipt..(if you are only selling one or two items, I would normally skip the third step, but if you are selling numerous items it's a must do.) And fourth, I always put a disclamer and notice at the bottom of the listing that notifies ebay and other parties that the above listed item is authentic and the listing does not violate vero or any other copyright/trademark concerns..In addition if I am selling a large quantitie of items, I will also add that to any one who attempts to mess with the auction unjustly, I will seek legal action...

I've had people mess with my auctions in the past and it's always been other competitors, but have not had much trouble since I started doing the above....Hope this helps...


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