Need Some advise on How to get more sales

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22 Aug 12 05:38:59 pm
Hi world I Been selling Womens Clothing on ebay for the last few months and i've been getting about 2 sells a month but I'm trying to get some info and some tips on how to get past this mark. I put my link on here so you can see some of the products i have and How i list them if anybody have any advise please contact me.

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23 Aug 12 12:31:00 am
Hi yaboyready,

Here are a couple of suggestions which may help make your listings more captivating -

1. Rephrase your title so that it makes more sense, although you already have a related good set of search targeted keywords in your title.

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Your title: Large Right in Two Womens Ladies Girls Teal Dress Spaghetti Straps New Clothing

Suggestion: Brand New Large Right in Two Womens Ladies Girls Teal Spaghetti Dress

2. Product Description - I think you need to add a bit of a personal touch to your item descriptions rather than just listing down the measurements. A bit if glam wont hurt :). You might consider adding a header to your descriptions or use one of the templates on eBay to help you give your listing a facelift!

Here are blog posts/ guides to help with your listings -

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Hope this helps!


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23 Aug 12 05:29:16 am
That's really good advice from Richelle!

Before you start looking at traffic generating avenues such as social networking and so on, start at the very start, and that's your listing. I would also suggest, in association with what Richelle has, checking the sale through rate of the product.

You need to know the sale through rate of a product to know if your sales are in fact up or down, as that is a strong trend line to follow. High sell through rate, then you should be getting better sales. Very low sell through rate, your sales may well be as good as anyone's, it's the product it'self that is the issue.

Well, product or something closely related to the product. So now you look at other factors, such as how competitive you are on price and service with other sellers and so on.

It's about making your listing as sharp as possible, cover all the angles so that nothing is left to chance. When you have that down, then is the time to start looking at ways to generate more traffic, so your effort in doing that isn't a complete waste.

Mark (fudjj)

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23 Aug 12 07:32:47 pm
That is all good advice and I agree with fudjj and richelle. I would like to add that you should not exclude countries on the shipping, leave it as worldwide. I know that you might be reluctant to do that but you can always cancel a sale if it is going to some place that you don’t want it to go and you will not be penalized. The reason why you want to have that is this way you can list on all eBay’s worldwide and your listing will appear on them, if not you will not get the exposure.

Also you might want to add some best offer items, sometime I sell a couple of items at a time because all the buyer wanted was free shipping included and wanted to pay only the buy it now price with the shipping included. I hope that helps.

Take a look at one of my stores and you can get an item of some of the things I do with the listings.

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