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5 Jun 08 12:33:10 am
OK hello first of all.
I have read here many pages and sleepless nights.
All I wanted was to start small with sell Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren Men shirts and when I found ones in cheap, I read some more and find out that it's a fake.
So I kept reading :) and reading some more and when I got some good auth shirts, I couldn't really buy them from ebay because it doesn't ship internationall.
Let's say that if you have around 100 sells per hour for this items, only 10 of them avilable for international people and it cost as much as the item!.
I see a few bargins which I can spot at good price but I get disappoint again when it doesn't sell out of US.
Ans then I read some more :) and still no sleep, so I found out that i'm really a see it then sell it kinda guy so dropshiiping is off the table.
Regarding whole sales, I couldn't find someone that got back to me with a good offer becasue I want to start small at around 300$ to see if it works and go on with that after.
Same problem is with liquidators...
To sums it all up, I'm not planning on giving up and I'm enjoing this but it's not so easy to make profit at the start I know.
1. Someone know about those brand names that sell international at a low starting price and authentic of course?
2. I thought about the US problem I have and do you know about a soloution like open a garage or something in US and someone there will ship it to me, that way I can buy from US and find a few bargains? Is there any site about this?
3. Another last problem is many wholesales or liquidators that do work with internationl they want company name ahhh:) so do you know if there is another site regarding this so I can open my own company or sort?

Many thanks in advance- would like to know about othere sellers not from US and the quest they had so far and how they made it?


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