New Paypal and/or Ebay Policy

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25 Aug 08 02:40:37 am
apparently paypal and ebay have taken it upon themselves to label the eBook sellers as a 'high risk', which means they suspend the accounts for them in a heartbeat if they find even a dispute or two, even with satisfied customers along with positive feedback.

i unfortunately have fallen into that 'black hole', i had a dispute against me and a dispute that I filed against another seller, and apparently Paypal has closed my account because its too many disputes. I have even given up selling eBooks too, but paypal seems to be a pain in the @ss about it.

I was frauded on Alibaba by a seller who tricked me into sending money to a specific paypal account and then when I wanted a refund they tricked someone else into sending me money. :( so i am pretty much stuck because of that one seller on Alibaba :(. god i hate people sometimes

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25 Aug 08 02:57:57 am
If you sell alot goto Link hidden: Login to view and sign up with them. I did over a year ago and it has never been better. I have done over 1000 transactions with them and have never had a problem.

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