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23 Apr 09 08:05:06 pm
hi new guy on the block need your help.i am thinking of useing buyitsellit for online ecommerce store builder.have a registerd domain name with godady and have no product on hand or supplier as yet.can i go ahead and build my store first or do i need to do other things first.also buyitsellit on the application is asking for a store name and url.where do i put my domain name.would like to now as i thought that was the name i would use for my store.oh how would i go and transfer it from the godady to buyitsellit.thanks to all in advance.zooomin 2

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5 Jun 09 01:17:19 pm
I recommend you to start researching for suppliers or products you would like to sell first, and when you get that you can start building your online store that way you don't loose money on monthly payments.... Time goes really fast ....

Anyway if you decide to build you store first Buyitsellit should be able to help you with the domain transfer, call them and I think they will give some server names and with that you call godaddy so they can change those names for you , it should take about 1 or 2 days to have your domain transfered.

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5 Jun 09 02:00:04 pm
Yeah, ivrsell is spot on, getting all you ducks lined up is pretty important, and the first ducks in the line should be your stock platform. Once you have your products sourced, then you can consider setting up a selling platform.

Regarding an e-commerce format, take a good look at a Zen cart option first. Plenty of free options to go with or lots of skinning options if you want to style it.

This is one of my sites Link hidden: Login to view it's a skinned Zen Cart. This site cost me $200, plus a few hours setting it up ready to stock. It's hosted on a cost effective plan from go daddy.

You really don't need to spend serious money on a site to get a good one anymore, and you can put your cash to better uses......driving traffic for one!

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