New to Online sales...Not trying to look like a fool!

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2 Aug 14 03:19:04 am
Hey Everyone!
My inspiration to sell online came after selling a few textbooks back to a site. After getting decent money for a few books, I thought, "maybe I can offload some of my old dvds on ebay!" So far I've sold a couple and I'm doing great- already lost money on shipping hahaha.
I can tell that to be successful, you've got to be willing to work hard and learn all you can. Similar to many others, I'm looking to make additional income for my wife and two young boys. I thought dropshipping might be a decent way to get started making a little money but the information is overwhelming.
Any straightforward suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm not looking to make 100,000 a year (although I wouldn't complain) I'm just looking to supplement my income in a moderate fashion. PM me or leave a comment! Thanks!


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4 Aug 14 03:35:13 am
Hi Charles and welcome to the forum

Good to hear you have gotten off to a decent start, even if you don't quite have your shipping sorted lol. It's lessons like those that are good to learn at this early stage before they start costing you too much.

I wish there was a easy tip section for dropshipping, but in reality, it can be a damn site harder than most actually even consider. It's research, research and research, it's pretty much constant research. You have to know your market, know your competitors, know your prices, have reliable suppliers, develop good marketing strategies............

It just goes on and on. Best advice I can give you is to stray away from the top selling items and that is simply because you will never compete on items like those with dropshipping because you will be going up against some very big players dealing in massive wholesale volume. So stay clear of those type of items, try to get out of the spot light and into the shadows a little

You should look for markets where some money can be made, but the comp isn't that great because the big volume of sales just isn't there.


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