Niche product needed - Any suggestions?

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10 Feb 11 07:28:16 pm
I am new here ... I work as eCommerce software developer for over 7 years. I made over 50 eCommerce sites for customers and I have pretty much experience in SEO and marketing. Now I want to try to do the same for myself but I have to find out what to sell, what will be my niche. I hope that some readings here will help me ....


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10 Feb 11 10:04:44 pm
Welcome to SaleHoo, Akrosoft!

This is one of the most common question we get on SaleHoo :)

While I'm sure no one will tell you outright of a niche product, I know many will give you tips. I'll do my best to help you on this one. A few things you might want to check are -

Your own shopping list: You might be surprised to find out that pretty much what is in your list is also on our people's shopping lists

Trends: Check out magazines, newspaper, tv, radio and internet - look for things/styles being repeated over and other again. If you find one, you've found a trend

Your friends/neighbors: When you happen to have a chat listen more slowly to what they say, you might pick up an idea or 2!

Your own hobbies/interests: It has been repeated so many times that you often succeed more easily when you are selling something you are passionate about. Starting out with a product that is related to your hobby would be good.

I know you are experienced with eCommerce but just haven't really sold that much so you might also want to consider selling things from around your home, things you no longer use. You might even uncover a niche while your at it, many have :) This is also the best and cheapest way for a new seller to get a feel of what it takes to sell online.

Here a guides with more tips -

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Also, links to related posts -

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Hope this helps you start off your business on the right foot! Cheers :)


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10 Feb 11 10:06:23 pm
Hi Akrsoft and welcome to SaleHoo.

A niche product is one of those little secrets that no one will give away freely. They can take many, many hours of research and test marketing to discover, so people guard them pretty well when they do get onto one.

One tip I can give you in regards as to where to start your niche research, dig down through the levels of popular selling products. For example, everyone wants to sell iPhones, but the iPhone itself has a stack of products related to it.

Dig down one level from iPhone, and you might find iPhone cover, one more level down and you might find charms that hang from phone cases and so on. I'm not trying to steer you in that direction, but that's a good way to research niche products in my opinion.

When you start digging down on a product you never know how many levels down you can go, and when you start getting down to the lower levels you can also find that some products will spawn there own levels that create opportunities in areas you may never have even considered.

This one is all about research, the further you dig, the more chances you have of finding what you're looking for.

Good luck with the digging : )

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17 Feb 11 07:26:46 am
Niche products aren't always a support product. Sometimes it can be a variation of an item. Example: The Watchmen is a popular movie. the DVD sells for about 2$ on eBay but there is a collectible version that sells for about 100$. Or let's say you see that airsoft guns are selling well but mostly for under 10$. Well there are super high quality airsoft guns which sell for 500 to a 1000 bucks on eBay.


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