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26 Apr 08 10:01:10 pm

I read all the time suggestion suggesting one need to find a niche products. I believe I have one product that fit in to niche product category, every time i put on auction, it always sells. I don't have any competition at all,
but at the same, it is not so many people bidding on the item, it is between one or two person and I increase my starting price everytime I put a new auction, but I am not that confident on how high I can go, so I am
kind of stuck in one price as I am kind of scared if I put it the price too high, nobody will buy it.
So when I read someone that can have a niche product that can sell like 12 time than price it was bought,
I just wonder what is the method of selling like that. I believe a niche market must have a niche audience as well which means you have a limited buyer which will prevent you from selling too high in price. Or does it have a secreet
way of selling the niche prodcuts.

I just wonder whether anyone can explain me about this niche products, the niche product buyers and the pricing that can make me more happy I will be gratefull.

Thank you.

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26 Apr 08 10:36:49 pm
High you have to do some research and find out if it is cheaper to find that product online. You may find that your niche product is the cheapest one online. And that is why your product is showing up as the lowest price in a google search.

You can always experiment. Run an auction with a higher price and keep doing it untill it seems no one is buying it.

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26 Apr 08 10:39:31 pm
if you have a nich product and it has been selling rather quickly,set a price and sell for that, it will be good because you will sell volumes of them and that's were you make a lot of money it's not a good idea to keep raising the price everytime you have an auction. Keep the price reasonable and the customers will drive the price up for you, in saying that volume is the key to making lot's of money.
Hope this helps


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