Not WHAT to sell, but HOW to sell

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4 Jun 09 07:01:45 am
Hello everybody:)

After year trying to success in online sales, or on Ebay...and after year of failing I finally found out one great experience.

Selling success is not about what you sell, but HOW you are able to sell it.

I have tried many different products, and all I was able to earn was about 1000$ per month, and now even that crashed.

Then I read one story about . I read how that guy started to import some bikes from china, made his own design, and manage to do sales promotions, advertising, google SEO etc etc...he managed to drive traffic to his website.
His website is nothing special, it is simple nice web site, and he earns about 7000-15000$ month only selling maybe 30 types of beach bikes.
He started with about 7000$ to buy first container....7000$ can spare anybody of us, maybe not immidiatelly, but after year, two it is possible to gain.

What I want to tell is that almost everything you see around you, you can buy from chinese factory for approx 50-60% lower than you see retail price.
You can even make you own design, you can send your product designed on paper to factory and they will make it for you.
You can buy tshirts for 2-3$ each. It is worth a try to make your own brand in every product you want, and brand your business and be succesfull.
You can buy generic 8.3MP digital camera for 40-50$ each, you can brand it too.
Of course you need volume to buy it, it is from 100-1000 pieces.
But everybody can buy 1000 tshirts for 2-3dollars each, after some time gaining money.

And have your own great designed product, and nothing happens.
This is the case, it is not product, it is marketing, selling ability what make you fortune, not product.

You can have the most nicest, greatest, coolest products...but when you dont know how to sell it, you will be only one who know about its quality.

So, why to focus on coolest brand products, when there is brutal competition, and get maybe 10% margin, when you can do your own product and have low competition, because it is your brand and design, sell it for 15% lower that brand products, and gain 30-40% margin.

I know it need creativity and time, but what does not? I would rather focus on something mine, what can make me more money when I try, like sell something what is already selling half a planet.

But must know how to sell it, magic of marketing.

This is the way I am going. I dont know how to sell, but I know how to get every product on earth for 40-50% lower price, I will be creative, and do my own products, my own brand, and I will learn how to sell it.

I already bought some marketing books, so I am going to learn.

I tried year to find the 'right' product, and found out there is no 'right' product.
But after year I can really get any product I want.
So there is one more skill I need to know - Marketing.

So huraay to read and learn:)

Hope you like my guide:)

Thanx for reading.

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4 Jun 09 07:38:39 am
Well done, you may not have had the success in sales that you had first hoped for, but learning just how important marketing is to the success of a product or brand is seriously priceless!

Success in on-line sales will always come down to two things, product sourcing, and product selling. One skill requires you to learn how to research, the other skill teaches you what you need to do to not only get the customers through the door, but get the goods out the door.

You are well on your way to being a very rounded business person, and that year was worth it to put you on this track.

Learning how to market to get customers, and then how to sell your product to them, are essential business skills for anyone looking at this type of venture as a serious option.

Good luck with it!

Mark (fudjj)

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