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17 Jul 07 09:28:54 am
thanks for give ur time click on the link and read this.
i am from new zealand and wonder if there is any kiwi members of salehoo that sale their stuff at

i found it not much members on zillion site and not much ppl going there. i had put the same item for sale on zillion and trademe at da same time.
my trademe auction has 20 viewers while the auction from zillion only have 2.. :(

so have any kiwi members from here using zillion and success?. please share your story and give us some of ur dearest experience ^_^
thank you

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27 Jul 07 01:52:36 am
Hey Lazyboy,

I have a Zillion account, but I have never sold anything on it. Trademe has too much of a monopoly now. It's like trying to start up another eBay in NZ, it is just too late. Keep listing, it's always worth a shot, but don't expect anything great.


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27 Jul 07 04:27:32 am
Hi - yes i'm afraid I haven't heard of anyone having much success with zillion. NZ is just too small to have more than one successful auction site. If you really want another outlet to complement Trademe, I suggest putting ads in the Buy Sell & Exchange. It's free and still has a loyal audience. Buyers from the BS&E also tend to pay more than Trademe users so it can be reasonably profitable. Good luck :)



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