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Online Store Builder 'Shop Factory' - Comments?

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5 Jun 08 12:14:41 am
Has anyone used or know about an online store builder by the name of Shop Factory? It was advertised in a email from Paypal. It sounded pretty good. Thanks for any information.

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17 Feb 09 12:58:30 am
Here are some 'Shop Factory' reviews I came across from a Google search. Hope they help :)

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Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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19 Feb 09 11:51:24 pm
Reviews explain alot. I wish I could be excited for such a thing, but then I've always been outside the mainstream.

On my shopping site I don't have anything 'pre-done' formatted into all these boxes or little symbols everywhere /shopping carts. No, I hated all of that & I custom designed my whole page.

It's really more or less a total customization theme of my own making since it, ultimately is extension of personality and so on. I had to be in charge of every aspect of its creation like I was writing a piece of artwork, or something, and its got things scattered all over in the only way that basically can say 'That's me.'

I couldn't deal with the stale concrete themes of the shopping cart world. Its why I just did my own thing and enjoyed that, I like that freedom to sculpt something of my own making time etc. But the reviews for the software show a lot have been pleased with their product. It'll do the job for everyone into that scene, and it does it perfectly well.


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