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Other online auction sites (other than Ebay)

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14 Nov 06 08:02:18 am
Sup everyone. Is there any other auctions sites that are doing well in the U.S.? Ebay is good and all but I hate all the fees. They charge for the insertion, for offering more than one item in the listing, closing fees, etc. :evil:

I hate that! I say, its great for buyers (as long as you don't get scammed) but it sucks for sellers. I only accept PayPal, right now, and they charge you money too. I mean I can't make too much profit on some items and all the fees end up eating most of it, if not all.

Is their any other sites out their that are generating enough business? I used while back but they didn't seem like they were doing a tenth as well as Ebay. :?:

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14 Nov 06 09:41:42 am
Well there is actually quite a few out there but none as popular as eBay.

There is
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Some have no listing fees and such but to be honest. The best place is hands down eBay. Its just too popular.

eBay has its downsides but in all it also has the best seller protection policies that I know of. Amazon will almost always rip you off any time a buyer complains even if they have no proof of the claim.

And if you think of this properly then you should realize if you took your stuff to a real auction. Most of them take 30% to 40% of closing value.

$0.01 to $25.00 - 5.25% of the closing value

$25.01 to $1,000.00 - 5.25% of the initial $25.00 ($1.31), plus 3.00% of the remaining closing value balance ($25.01 to $1,000.00)

Equal to or Over $1000.0 - 5.25% of the initial $25.00 ($1.31), plus 3.00% of the initial $25.01 - $1,000.00 ($29.25), plus 1.50% of the remaining closing value balance ($1000.01 - closing value)

And not to mention your stuff is placed in the largest auction house in the world.

My Advice: Find more profitable items to sell.
Find a different supplier. And you can also Sell items on your own website at your own price.

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14 Dec 06 01:07:28 am
That's right, if you want to attract a lot of buyers you have to sell on ebay. It's the biggest Marketplace in the world.
I am new on ebay too and I know it is hard to sell.
Especially when powersellers are selling the same item as you are for $20-$30 less.

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14 Dec 06 05:53:13 am
Yes ebay is and will always be a great source for high profits. You just have to be a smart seller and be able to compete with the powersellers.

Most of the good powersellers buy thier items in bulk. Larger quantities = lower prices + Higher profit Margin. That is why they can sell them for less because they have worked out a deal with thier suppliers to purchase much larger quantities. Those companies know that if they clear out thier stock faster they can bring more in. So they take a small loss on giving the seller a deal on products so they can reap a bigger reward with more product flow through thier warehouses.

You would be suprised how many suppliers we have listed will drop thier prices for bulk orders. You just have to contact them and ask. But always test them out to make sure they live up to thier obligations.

Literally everyone that comes to these forums are looking for hot items they see selling for top dollar. Some examples are. Xbox360's , Ipods , Ps3 Consoles and digital cameras..

What you really need to do is follow trends.But you have to get trend Items quickly, before they become high in demand. For example We have recieved several requests for wholesale suppliers of TMX elmo. After they sold completely out for thier original prices.
They have been selling very well on ebay.
If these people had though about this before they got to be the most popular item out there they would be reaping in heavy profits. This is called trend setting.

You find items through research that can help you locate what items will be hot at a certain time of year.
The people that were comming up with 500 units of the tmx elmo dolls bought them direct from the factory or cleared out the retail stores before the holiday season approached. They sat on the product untill demand ignited and they listed like crazy. So if you purchased 500 tmx elmo dolls at lets say $30 each wholesale from the manufacturer and sold every elmo doll for $99+ you payed $15,000 for the product and after all of them were sold for $49,500 +. You made over $34,500 .. More then a years salary in 2 months, then 75% of americans make in a whole year. Then you take that investment and move into another trend. Lets see the next trend will be in january. Womans lingerie and jewelry will be very hot sellers in January. So a smart seller would invest in buying huge lots of lingerie, Maybe a manaquinne or 2 and spend half of december just taking photos of the items on a manaquinne and getting listings ready for individuall items.

I hate to say this but 90% of new ebayers give up within thier first 2 years of selling online and on ebay because they dont know how to aquire products to sell.. The Most successfull ebayers follow trends and hot items long before they actually start selling. They are the ones that are buying way below wholesale and buying in huge bulk orders.

Yes you can make money selling items 1 by 1. But your not going to make much if you dont invest in larger orders. When I order products to sell on Ebay I always purchase at least 100 units. That way I have alot of product to sell and alot more listings open to bring the bidders to my other auctions.

In febuary I will be launching by biggest campaign on ebay yet. Im hoping to have over 3000 items listed and running in my store by march. All Products I will have on hand in my home. No dropshipping ..

Salehoo offers many listing that offer wholesale prices. And yes folks these are wholesale prices. Anything 20% to 30% below MSRP costs are considered wholesale. But as you will quickly find out that many items if not all items sell on ebay either at wholesale or slightly below wholesale. That is why consumers run to ebay to save money on branded products. You need to find below wholesale products and learn trends to achieve your best. And for that it takes research. And a whole lot of patience.

Research is the key to this business. You cant just jump in and become rich within a few months.

I wish you all the best of luck...

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20 Dec 06 05:01:57 pm
I am an internet seller. I have been on eBay for a while, even thought I have my own website. It is just a way to bring more business to my store. I also use other sites to list items. I have good success with the following ones and I hope that they will help you all as well.
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They donate money to protect the environment and there is only a final value fee.
Link hidden: Login to view
Great Community of people and I sell AT LEAST 1 item a week. You get a free store and you can fill it with stuff. VERY LOW FEES AND FREES!
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I place classified on here which advertises my ebay listing and my web store and it usaually costs me $3.00
Good luck to everyone and happy holidays.

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22 Dec 06 02:42:04 am
Link hidden: Login to view is another low cost auction house; but again, not much traffic..... I haven't sold anything and I've been with them about three weeks. :(

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26 Feb 07 12:13:38 am
i dont reccomend Link hidden: Login to view at all .theres just no traffic also at one stage i had around 3000 items listed and sold about 10 after 3 months. out of that 10 i had 4 people who actually paid.
my items were at very reasonable cost only trying to get 6-10 bucks profit on each item. i noticed its full of buying scammers and the website is always down.a couple of my auctions had a few bidders on them then all of a sudden they disapeered.

but anyway im looking for the top auction site that has no listing fees but the most sure ebay sellers and buyers will move on at some stage.and i want to be one of the first to be part of it.

ive just joined Link hidden: Login to view ill see how that can transfer your ebay feedback ratings with this one and free listings.


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