other websites to sell on other than ebay (australia)

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12 May 09 12:30:46 am
hi everyone
I was considering starting up a business on ebay, but the more i read on these forums, the more inclined i am to try other websites, because of the fees on ebay and paypal.
I live in australia so obviously need websites aimed at the australian market.
I dont have a lot of money to start with, and am a bit confused on what to start to try to sell.
I know i cant compete with powersellers because i dont have the revenue to buy in bulk.
I know i can try liqudated products, but to be honest i really dont know what to try and sell.
I did have some ideas , but i cant get the supplier to supply them to me.

Any help and ideas or anything?

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12 May 09 12:59:28 am
Hi Tracy,

Number one, liquidated products.
Being in Australia, and the Aussie dollar being down against the US at the moment, importing anything is difficult.

I have a few Australian members that want to purchase, but the dollar combined with shipping, just making it too hard, so I would not be looking at liquidated products unless you teamed up with some other members to share the cost.

Number 2two, alternative selling platform.
Oztion and the Trading Post provide the biggest platforms outside of ebay in this country. Trading Post would be my choice, however ebay does tent to dominate the Aussie on-line marketing landscape.

You should also checkout Paymate Stores, only new, but seems to be quite cost effective, and I would expect the platform to grow in popularity quite quickly as it will be well marketed through Paymate's own payment gateway affiliations and so on.

Bonanzle.com, although US based is getting Aussie sellers setting up, along with some Aussie buyers starting to come by, and is free to list so you have nothing to loose by being there.

They would be your best options in my opinion.

Mark (fudjj)

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12 May 09 03:21:19 am
ok thats great thanks
ill leave the liquidation out for now then, and wait for the economy to get better, and wait till im more experienced and established.

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17 May 09 08:16:03 pm
Hi all,

I am trying to find drop shippers for electrical goods; cameras, printers, etc?

i have found some DS, but their prices so high, that by the time you count shipping into it, no margin left. Can anyone help me with this?

Also, dropshippers from china. non-brand name goods. 1 yr warranty. this is the speel i have read from china. what is your experience of these?

i think i am bumping to the middle man too much.

cheers, sagar


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