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20 Feb 08 05:44:50 pm
Anybody use Overstock.com to sell there
products. If you do, how are they?

I was looking at there auctions and they resemble
feebay.....only they allow google-checkout as well
as paypal, but what caught my attention was google
check-out....getting away from ebay & paypal is tough.

Any feed back would be appreciated.

John(aka bacpro)

J Baca

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20 Feb 08 06:19:33 pm
I've never sold through them but it might be worth a shot. I am totally off eBay or FeePay finally. Got my own website so I can do things my way.

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24 Feb 08 02:16:34 pm
I had some good success at Overstock Auctions when they first started out. Not sure what the environment is like now, but afaik they are the closest auction format competitor to eBay.


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24 Feb 08 05:23:28 pm
can you sell clothing and shoes on there... or do they have a hold right now... any help with this would be great :)


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