Payment Options for Ebay

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1 Mar 09 12:46:30 am
Well now the Ebay has opened up its other forms of payment, I was just curious to see what everyone thought was the best Payment options from the sellers point of view.
The one that is gonna work with you when a customer charges it back and such.
I am really looking at getting into ebay since it is one of the higher traffic websites for selling items, but want to do my research before jumping in the middle.


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1 Mar 09 05:15:25 am
Well I am integrating Paymate into a new ebay account as its only payment solution.

This is for just one of my accounts. If it works out well I will shift all of my business to Paymate.

If I were just starting on eBay I would try not to use Paypal if I could.

So I would suggest Paymate. Just totally bypass the whole issue with Paypal.

Start slow though. Only list a couple of items per day for awhile. About a week or two. Don't give eBay any reason to even look at or have a reason to scrutinize your account.

Ship very very fast and even lose on a couple of listings just to make sure your customers are happy. If you have a customer that complains about the shipping cost lose money if you have to.

Ship only using priority mail at first so you can get tracking. Then make sure your customers know the item shipped and give them the tracking.

In your note to the buyer let them know you have no control over ship time but make sure it ships next day.


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