Paypal Policy Regarding Local Pickups

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16 Feb 08 03:42:20 pm
I just contacted Paypal today via phone. I found this to be surprising that Paypal offers absolutly no seller protection for when a buyer pays by Paypal then picks the order up locally. Even if they sign that they picked the item up, provide a copy of their id, etc....

I'm selling stuff on ebay and I had several people contact me asking if they could pay via Paypal and pick the order up to save on shipping.

After contacting Paypal they said that there is no seller protection for pickups and that I should probably just accept cash or checks instead for pickups.

I just wanted to post this in case anyone is accepting paypal and local pickups.

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16 Feb 08 07:26:55 pm
You're better off letting your customers pay you by cash or money order for local pickups at least that way, NO PAYPAL FEES AND MORE $ IN YOUR BANK =) I do this also but I tell my buyers that I don't accept Paypal for local pickups =)

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17 Feb 08 09:41:08 am
I know someone who let a buyer pay by paypal and then they came and collected a new laptop - the guy had gotten 1 from work so his new 1 was spare!

The buyer collected, then within 30 minutes, they got an email from Paypal stating UNAUTHORISED ACCESS of account - the buyer conned them, they lost the laptop and the money.

The sellers didnt get a signature or ask to copy ID, nothing really silly...the address the buyer gave was fake and so was the mobile.

If you accept local delivery - GET CASH this will save you on Paypal fees, PLUS it stops any problems with fraudulent transactions.

If you're taking Paypal, get them to sign a delivery note and take a copy of photo id with a digital camera, note their car registration so all this can be handed to the police for fraud. If the buyer wants to know why be honest and tell them - TOO MANY SCAMMERS ON EBAY

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17 Feb 08 10:32:18 am
This is where your local law enforcement comes in. When you have a situation like this you file a complaint with your police department for theft and consumer credit fraud. Your law enforcemtn officer will be able to help you more on a situation like this. As this is considered theft .

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20 Feb 08 07:57:08 am

the police were involved, but the address and mobile number was false, so they had no evidence to go on....

The law in the UK, is can't even defend yourself in your own home if a burgular comes in! If you restrain them, you can be charged for assault! :twisted:

What's that about.....I've heard a law in the US claims you can shoot someone in your premises, as long as they fall into your premises, what states that??

No, seriously, we as a family are tired of the UK and thinking of moving to the USA, to start a new business, what's Atlanta, Georgia like, anyone?? :mrgreen:

That's providing, I can persuade the US immigration....(investment visa) :twisted:

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20 Feb 08 09:09:33 am
The FSA ( Financial Services authority) in the uk is making plans so that te banks and instituions like paypal pay within 24 hours.There are systems to clear the money within 24 hours. The banks keep the money to help their cashflow.


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