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PayPal's 21 day hold - Is there a way around it?

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3 Jul 11 05:09:51 pm
Hi Guys.

Is there a way around Pay Pal's policy of keeping your funds for 21 days without opening Paymate or some other alternative?

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4 Jul 11 02:09:22 am
Hi Beachdisney,

I'm not sure but I think there is no way of circumventing the 21 day hold policy :(

According to Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes -
The FAQs state that PayPal considers a number of factors in determining a whether a transaction may have a higher risk of dissatisfied buyers, including the following:

Seller's % Positive Feedback in the last 30 days
Seller's Detailed Seller Ratings in the last 30 days
Final price for the item
Shipping & handling fee
Seller's eBay tenure as an eBay member
Seller's total number of Feedback

PayPal will release the hold when the earliest of the following occurs: the buyer leaves positive feedback; 3 days after confirmed item delivery; or 21 days without a dispute, claim, chargeback, or reversal filed on that transaction. (PayPal said if a buyer leaves a negative feedback but does not initiate a dispute, PayPal would release the funds to the seller after 21 days.)

You can however try to avoid the 21 day hold by doing the following -

1. If you sell on eBay, improve your Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) scores
2. Avoid buyer disputes, claims, and chargebacks
3. If you have a buyer dispute, resolve it quickly
4. Process your orders right away and ship quickly using a service that provides tracking and delivery confirmation
5. Upload or save tracking information or Delivery Confirmation numbers
6. Communicate early and often with your buyers
7. Make sure you confirm the address and phone numbers associated with your PayPal account, and keep them up to date
8. Verify your account and keep your financial information (like bank account and credit card numbers and expiration) up to date

(Sourced from Link hidden: Login to view)

Hope this helps :)


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4 Jul 11 02:42:26 am
Hi beachdisney,

According to Erika Garnica, an eBay Powerseller and former eBay Top Seller Account Manager, sellers should have no problem with PayPal payment holds especially when they realize how quick and easy it is to get the funds released, and as well as by knowing how to avoid the majority of payment holds in the first place. :) She shared her tips on how to focus on and pursue the best and fastest ways to get these funds released and why eBay's 21 day hold policy shouldn't even be a matter of concern. :) Read the full information at Link hidden: Login to view


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4 Jul 11 03:39:30 am
Was going to say much the same thing -- the way around PayPal holds is to not get into them in the first place. Unlike many of PayPal's other, more pernicious practices, the 21 day hold has a pretty set and well-known list of flags that can trigger it, and a set and well-known set of circumstances that can lead a hold to be lifted.

If you can't avoid them, for example if you're moving into a new niche that is much higher dollar figure than your historical sales, the simple answer is to provide good service and go ahead and budget for that hold to happen.


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