Paypal virtual credit card payment option

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8 Jun 06 02:10:35 pm
You can login to your PayPal account and take advantage of their Virtual MasterCard which will allow you to buy anything on the internet and the funds will be debited from your PayPal account.

Click on the 'Withdraw' tab under My Account and choose 'Shop online with a PayPal virtual card' option

I didn't :oops:

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8 Jun 06 03:11:23 pm
That's pretty cool. I never noticed that.

I know once I have a steady stream of funds into my paypal account, I plan to get the Paypal Debit card. Until then, I guess I'll be using the slower method of depositing the money into my bank account.

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8 Jun 06 10:16:25 pm
Only to where this is possible. It is not available to all countries.

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10 Jun 06 11:21:06 am
ooooooooo that is cool information!

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11 Jun 06 03:09:21 am
Yes, love it, use it all the time!!

Just like a checking account debit card!! :)


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