Places to sell women's clothing?

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26 Apr 07 01:08:58 pm
So I made my first purchase of some designer tops (women's) of about 150 items all NEW from Macy's and a few other high end dept. stores from a liquidator and noticed its very hit or miss on eBay as far as selling them there.

Now my question to anyone, are there any other sites out there that I should try to sell my clothes on with a good success rate or am I stuck to eBay?

I do not have my own website, although if these sells are successful I would definitely consider it. So in the meantime I need a place to get rid of these items quickly so I can restock.

Also should i sell them seperately or sell them in bulk, like packs of 5 to 10 each?

Any help is appreciated.


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27 Apr 07 05:20:17 am
Hi Suzanne,

There are so many items of clothing for sale on eBay that you have to think about what you can do to make your listings stand out.

Without seeing your listings, I'm not sure what you've got, so it's hard to be too specific, but hopefully this might give you some ideas :)

The most important thing is to have several very good photos for each listing. Consider buying a shop clothing dummy to put your clothes on in the photographs if you haven't already. Make sure the background is a blank wall or white sheet and read up on photo lighting to try and get a very professional look. Alternatively, use the manufacturer's pictures or pictures from the Macy's catalogue would also be ideal.

Consider spending some money promoting the best looking top - e.g. try bold or even Featured Plus. At the bottom of your listing include a sentence encouraging people to check out your other listings.

$1 NR is also a good promotional tool, even if you just use it on one item, it can help to pull traffic in to click through and view your other listings as well.

Even asterisks either side of your listing title can help get more attention.

If none of those ideas work, then selling small bulk lots is definitely worth a try.

I hope that is of some help - Good luck!


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27 Apr 07 05:22:15 am
PS. Season is a huge factor too - if you are trying to sell winter tops in summer, you'd be much better to wait a couple of months until winter comes around again.


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28 Apr 07 03:13:23 am
I agree that season is a key..... Also the season willalso help u buy at good prices.... A storgae are might help you during the non peak seasons...... Than yes I agree that pictures and presentation r everything. Dont forget that the very same liquidators also sell on Ebay..... They have better prices are larger supplies. They dont mind delling 20,000 items a month..... A mannequin is a great idea.... I would suggest mannequins forless on Ebay. Tell them I sent ya and always make an offer..... They do come down on their prices.... Hope this helps..... PS. this is just advice.....

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28 Apr 07 06:03:46 am
With my experience in selling clothes and kids clothes. The key factors is your purchase price. Now most good liquidations call pull and average of $2.50 -$4.00 for each item. Even on macys items. Now several of these items can retail for $29.00 to $60.00 and some even higher. If your paying high prices for your items and they are not high demand items you stand to loose alot of money.

Spending a few bucks on a manequine is key to a good presentation. When I started selling I didnt use one. Sure I got sales but not many and most of the auctions closed at a low price.

Dont buy a cheap one. Buy a sexy one with nice formed chest and if you buy a full manaquine you must get one with a nice shaped rear. As most that will chek out your products want to know if it will look good on them.

Your presentation is a key factor in getting a sale and getting more bids. Starting a 99 Cent auction or a Penny auction can get you bids just as well.

Design an eye popping page but stick straight to the point. Cluttering the page with your policies and other stuff. Will kill many bidders interests in your auction.

And just as mana and grace has mentioned you need to choose the proper season to sell your clothes or you wont sell much at all.

You can offer services such as priority mail or free shipping but I have not personally seen much a difference in my sales from doing such.

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