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17 Feb 08 10:25:32 pm
hi everyone
i have been reading a lot about other people looking for the right product to sell on-line and found a lot of people with no money at all to buy items most people are relying on dropshippers to supply them as some will work a lot will fail the key is research and sorry to say capital to purchase if need to i have about 20g to spend so i am still looking for that product that will give me a resonable return for my outlay let's face it it takes money to make money but in saying that to all of you i to have been misinformed about certain articles about making good $ on-line so if your serious just hang in there and keep footsloging they will come when you least expect it.
cheers darryl

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18 Feb 08 04:31:50 am
Man, reading that made my head hurt. Please Darryl, use commas and periods.

Other then that, I agree. Good things happen when you least expect it.

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18 Feb 08 08:56:02 am
darryl, find a niiche that INTERESTS you, Ive sold all sorts of stuff, and when you hate a particular product line no matter how profitable, you wonder what the hell you're doing!

Then spend your 20K!


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