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16 Mar 15 07:50:33 pm
Hi, all

I'm new to SaleHoo and merely new to online sales. I've mostly done direct sales (From cookware to my last and most successfully, sneakers) and looking forward expanding on my business. I'd like to know about products that sell quick and how much time (in average) I have to devote to this to make the most out of it. :)


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16 Mar 15 10:47:52 pm
Hi Cris, and welcome to the forum

Regarding what products sell best, it's one of the most popular questions we get and also one that it virtually impossible to answer. It's easy to give you a hot selling item if that's all you want, iPhone for example, one of the hottest consistent selling items on the planet. Of course having that information is a good start, but that's are good as it gets.

Now you have to work out how you could compete selling iPhones, especially on a platform like an eBay.


Forget it!

The hottest selling items are the most competitive markets of all and you have to go up against some BIG TIME sellers who are buying in massive volumes and selling at very small margins to create successful sales.

See my point. It's not about what the quickest selling item is, it's about what you can sell quickly with the all factors taken into consideration.

Regarding how much time you need to spend, that's easy to answer ... ALL OF IT!

Research is king in this game, you need to research products, suppliers and your competition. Then you need to keep doing it to stay competitive if you do manage to get an edge, because the moment you stop, someone will take your business right from under your nose. You're entering the most competitive business on the planet!

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25 Mar 15 10:35:23 pm
Hello Cris,

You already have a market from your previous direct selling. Why not research more on what else they're interested in? You can start from there. Get ideas from their previous purchases then maybe start by introducing product upgrades/updates. Do things one at a time. Chances are, these repeat customers can spread your online store by word of mouth. If direct sales worked for you before, try expanding your market from there. And since everybody's in social media nowadays, try advertising your site from there. It can help sell your products quickly rather than spending more on paid advertisement (which will work as well if you have extra to spend). How much time? Don't stop (social media advertising/spreading by word of mouth) till you get what you're asking for.

Hope this helps.


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