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4 Mar 08 08:37:55 pm
Hey guys, a few weeks ago, I purchased this auction yen system where it shows you the hottest items that are selling on eBay and how to generate feedback scores on your own page.

Here's the thing, I bought it because I thought it meant that I could look up someone's name from eBay, (especially someone who is a powerseller), and then convert their feedback info onto my feedback info page (making me a powerseller).

That was not the case. I found out that you can convert some of the feedback info into your description whenever you are posting an item to sell, which is stupid to me, because if I post this in the description, then what happens when the potential buyer looks onto my original feedback page and doesn't see the same thing?

So to me there is no way that adds up. I just thought that it would put the same information from a powerseller onto my feedback page and that would immediately make me a powerseller. I called and got a full refund of my money, but I had already downloaded the kit so it is still on my computer and it still works, so if anyone knows anything about this, please let me know. My score on eBay is only at 16%, and I thought this would be a great way to really start selling on eBay. It seems as if people really buy from you if they see you are a powerseller and you don't really have a lot of negative feedback. This is why i wanted to get the kit, because it's advertisement read: 'Become a Powerseller Overnight', and I thought that was really going to be the case. Has anyone else bought this auction yen system? If so, did you think the same thing I thought? Please let me know. Thanks!

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4 Mar 08 09:23:44 pm
It sounds like some kind of feedback hack. Did you think what may happen to acounts if ebay catches this?

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5 Mar 08 12:29:20 am
Feedback is important, but it's not important enough to lose your account. Try building your own feedback. If you need to sell some items cheaply, deliver them fast and get some feedback of your own even if you have to take some profit losses at first...Most people are looking for a deal, they dont really care if you are a powerseller or not if you have the best price....

You will rapidly build good feedback by delivering a quality product at a good price and back it up with good communications and customer service..Everyone starts out with zero feedback, and all ebayers know this. Don't get hung up on the powerseller status. I was a powerseller for years and had to stop ebaying for a few months because I was away for my real job and quickly lost my powerseller status. When I started selling again, I was offered the status again and declined to take it. It has not affected my sales one bit on any of my accounts...Being a powerseller has some benefits, but if you slack off of sales any, ebay starts bombarding you with silly emails trying to get you to 'maintain your status' and it's mostly just a bunch of nonsence.... In my opinion you normally get better attention from your seller who is out trying to make good sales and establish theirself than you do from most powersellers who have plenty of business and don't really care if they lose a few sales...Just my opinion...

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5 Mar 08 03:15:11 am
I have auction Yen and there was no mistake. Dave explains in his video that it is pulling 'wanted' stuff from ebay site....with assumption that what peoples want on these pages is whats hot and you can base your strategy around that what peoples are looking for in 'want it now' section.

I personally think that this is not going to work. What peoples are looking for on those pages are pretty adverse and scattered things, very often repeated over and over.

As for feedback creation part, well it is nice if you have sold similar products to those you selling now, to extract just a feedback for those kind of that peoples can see that there are several happy buyers out there already for this particular product you are selling.

What I find cool is Dave's Feedback analyzer software. I like it a lot....and it is so telling. What it does is that it collects all feedback the seller or buyer have and sort it in different folders: positive, neutral and negative. You can further sort by feedback given to others (very cool) and only feedback received from buyers or sellers as opposed to all feedback.

And Dave is giving resale rights to feedback analyzer also, you can give it away......

Auction Yen I do not like, feedback analyzer I do...and Hot Item Finder is coll also.


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