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18 Mar 14 11:39:42 pm
So i've been doing a lot of reading in regards to selling replicas on ebay and been that most suppliers on here who do wholesale weather it's clothing,shoes,or sunglasses 8 out of 10 times the stuff they sell are replicas. With that said it has brought me to ask the following questions.

1: Been that most suppliers all they is sell replicas and that ebay has one of the largest pool of costumers what other alternative would you guys recommend to sell on ebay? Since you guys don't think is worth the risk. I also see a lot of people selling replicas on ebay and they don't even tell you is a replica and assume you will know it's a replica based on the price. Which makes sense.

2: What is the best way to advertise a replica on ebay without saying is a replica or making people feel like they got lied to or ripped off?? Btw here is my link Link hidden: Login to view
(please critque thanks)

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19 Mar 14 08:17:26 am
Hi Daniel,

I can't really help in regards to what the best products are to sell, However, my best advice is to stay away from the best selling items. Now I know that sounds counter intuitive, but that market is dominated by the big hitters. Sellers who buy in large volume to nego the best possible per unit price and then sell at a very thin margin to create market dominance and of course make their money on turnover because of the high sales rate on those most popular items.

Now if you can afford to use that type of strategy, then you're a chance. If you can't, then there is very little chance of even coming close to being able to compete. I know it's hard, but you have to find products that don't have a extremely high sell through rate, but one that is good enough to still earn. That's the hard part, slotting comfortably into the market that isn't dominated by the big hitters, but having a decent enough sell through rate to make it worth it.

My best suggestion is to try about 10 different products at a time. Measure your data, see what sort of results you get and then see if any of those items are worth persisting with based on the data you collect, essentially a test marketing exercise. Keep doing that over and over again and keep building on your market data.

In regards to the best way to sell replicas on eBay, this is eBay's policy on replicas. Link hidden: Login to view

I'm not sure there is any way, let alone the best way unfortunately.

In regards to your listing, it's lacking in almost every area. The picture is the biggest let down, that screams DROPSHIPPER. You used to be able to get away with those DS pics a while ago, but buyers are far more switched on now and know what the pic means. A lot of shoppers will stay well clear of a dropshipped product because they know if there is a problem, they aren't able to deal direct with the actual supplier themselves.

So you really need to hide that DS image you are presenting. The glasses seem cheap enough, so my suggestion would be to actually buy in some different models and then do some really good pics of each one, minus the DS white background of course. Get creative, design a good back drop, take several pics, even better if you can get someone to model them for you.

The first thing someone sees is the pics, that's your hook. If you don't capture a buyers attention with your pics, then the chances of getting their attention at all is very low. In regards to the actual copy itself, I would suggest looking at others sellers selling the same product style, even sunglass supplier websites for layout ideas. You want a listing, that once your pics set the hook and get a buyers interest, you don't want to then lose it as they move down the page. You want them to remain completely engaged with the product, and you do that with a quality layout and good cop writing.

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