Question about selling on Amazon:

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25 May 08 05:26:28 am
I have listed some things on Amazon but without purchasing a pro merchant account I am only able to sell things which are currently in their system. Nothing I got in this newest profit pack is in their system. I have some things there from previous profit packs and some of them have been listed there for over a month. I have had one sale there. I have lowered my sale price a couple of times and still nothing.

How do I get more sales there? Would I need to get a pro merchant account in order to do any good?

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27 May 08 12:37:38 pm
You have to opt-in to there add your products line. To do this you have to get there Merchant Account and set up a store with them. I found though that they are very expensive and you have to pay for the sales upfront by sending the product upfront then they charge the customers card and you get your money once every two weeks. That didnt work for me. I dont have a windfall of start of cash to front the costs. It is great for the consumer but hard for business's especially just starting out. YOU ARE GUARENTEED THE SALE. You wont get burned Amazon has your money or they wouldnt give you the sale. They put a hold on the customers card.

My biggest problem was that I am a drop shipper and I have to pay for my products upfront. If you are a wholesale buyer and you have the products in your posession you may be willing to front the shipping.

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27 May 08 02:33:03 pm
I sold on Amazon, & you have to be very careful with them
they will cancel your account & hold your money for 90
days if you break one rule. Zero tolerance. I was selling
software & saw that other merchants were listing OEM
and Acadamic software so I listed some too. As a result
of this I received an email that I violate the rules & all
my products were removed & any funds would be held for
90 days. Not even a warning & the action is permanent. I had
3500 hundred dollars being held for 90 days. SO it hurt me badly
because now I have to wait & I need cash flow. I asked them to reinstate me please, i begged them but they did not respond.

So be careful & read everything & don't make my mistake.

John(aka bacpro)
PS: At least on ebay they give you a warning. Not Amazon.

J Baca

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30 May 08 07:24:35 am
eBay they don't even give you a warning. Worthless.

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1 Jun 08 01:44:17 pm
Please be very careful with Amazon please. They're currently holding my fund (thousands of British Pounds) for a couple of weeks now and I have to wait till 90 days. What have I done? Few buyers returned faulty items which were faulty, even though they got full and immediate replacement. After a few days, I got an email detailing my performance report in their site, saying that it's a courtesy warning for me to improve my performance. Then within the next 24hrs, I got an email saying that it has come to their attention that some buyers are dissatisfied with the service I do provide, therefore, my current listings have been cancelled and my account PERMANENTLY BLOCKED. Then the fund would be held for 90 days to settle all A-Z guarantee claims.

This action taken despite the fact that I've sold more than 2,000 items ranging from software to genuine printer toner/cartridges with reasonable feedbacks. My friend who recently started selling on eBay also opened a new account on Amazon just 7 days ago got his account permanently blocked, saying that his account is linked to a previously blocked account. Perhaps, I have logged in to my account about a year ago in his PC. He has begged several times, but no mercy. WICKED.

Also, hundreds of my listings were once cancelled one night simply because I added in my description that any potential buyers confused about a particular software should email me and I'll be happy to clarify. No external contact given, just to email me on Amazon. I added that cos the person who listed that software (page originator)made loads of errors.

Enough clues given on how to be safe with them, therefore, be very careful out there.

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30 Jun 08 04:37:00 pm
Amazon hold for me more $3000 for 90 days and after that they susbend my account , don't know even why????????


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