Question for everyone about Customs

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16 May 08 10:19:04 pm
Hi, I ordered some video games and dvds for a really low price for personal use, and they might have been bootleg or something because they were seized by customs and I got a letter of forfeiter. Ya Im out like 30 bucks which I don't care but do I need to do anything, or am I going to be fined or something? How am I supposed to know they were copies if they even are.

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27 May 08 12:56:33 pm
Who did you order them from? Was if from a company or was it from an independent distributor? The companies on here are all legit. I have used a number of them for small and large purchases. Customs didn't bother them. I also sell to APO and other military sites and had no problem. They get delayed a little for inspections and the sort but always went threw. Did you have to supply any customs information to receive them? IE Business information, tax id ect.? Did you send them to a business address or your personal address? I find it easier to send to my business address. They are less likely to hassle the products unless they were bootleg. That is the only thing I can think of. Any reputable LLC, Sole Proprietor or Company listed as a business would have no problem with customs. I don't and I an a sole proprietor. Lots of paperwork though.

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30 May 08 09:02:22 am
Probably someone suggested here is who it was ordered from. I swear to god the VERO program is insane, and its also ruthless.

They could crack their whip to try to get things delayed in customs all the time, if its something they don't like, they always hassle especially by direct mail. Make certain you have your Ts crossed.


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