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Questions about feedback on eBay and Trademe

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13 Jun 07 07:04:23 am
One of the daily tips said to stick to a 'basic store' while building up ebay feedback. I'm not sure what that means.
Are dropshippers hesitant about newbies?
Would having a good trading record on a smaller site, e.g.Trademe NZ, be a useful reference?
Lots of questions wrapped up in one - as always for me!

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13 Jun 07 08:44:01 pm
Hi - the tip is referring to the different types of eBay stores available: Basic, Featured and Anchor. It isn't anything to do with wholesalers etc.

The reason we make this suggestion regarding eBay stores is that a Basic is only $15.95/month, while Featured is $49.95 and Anchor is $499.95.

Buyers do tend to be a bit hesitant about purchasing from sellers with feedback under 100-200, so until you build your feedback up a bit, you'll probably find your fees outweigh your sales with anything other than a Basic store.

Hope that makes sense :)

PS. Dropshippers are generally fine with working with newbies as you pay for items as you sell them - therefore the risk to them is very small.


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13 Jun 07 10:23:01 pm
In reality an featured or anchored store is not worth your money unless you have at least 500 or more items in your stores and you intend to keep them in your stores and not send them to auction. If you have low feedback you definately cant expect paying more money to get sales because you have to build up a level of trust with your buyers.

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13 Jun 07 11:35:25 pm
Thanks to both of you. I'm delighted with your fast responses.Very helpful! :D

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