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12 Apr 15 10:03:13 pm
wouldn't it be great if salehoo provided training in onlie selling, such as how to make a logo, how to upload items in your store, how to price items, setting up postage costs etc, maybe something for you guys to look at.

I wouldn't mind a real cheap website that I can practice uploading products etc, it wouldn't have to be live, just have the ability to edit and upload etc.

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14 Apr 15 06:45:04 pm
Hi Laurie,

Regarding logo design training, you're talking about developing a graphic artist training platform. No one at SaleHoo is skilled in graphic arts, so that is just outside of our expertise altogether. Even if we did have someone that could put a course like that together for members, then each member would need certain software to provide the application.

Regarding training in general, SaleHoo support staff are happy to provide any level of training required to make members comfortable with our online Stores platform, but as every e-commerce site is different, it's impossible to develop a one size fits all training module across all platforms.

If you want a cheap website to cut your teeth on, I would suggest trying Zencart. Completely free, but can also be customized (at your expense) later on if you require. It's nothing flash, but free doesn't come with bells and whistles, so if budget is the concern, Zencart would be one I would suggest checking out for sure.

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