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2 Nov 07 09:43:30 pm
Hello, everyone. I hope you are doing well. Since I just signed up, I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Joey. I am 27 years old. I decided to try to get into making money online about six months or so ago because of the dire job situation where I live. I thought I should try to find a way to make more money. To make a long story short, I have tried a multitude of methods to make money, but none of them worked for me. Then, I heard about Salewhoo and drop shipping, reviewed all the information and decided to give it a try. I do however have some questions.

1) How do I get started drop shipping? What steps should I take?
2) Right now, I have a personal Pay Pal account. Do I need to upgrade to drop ship or sell something on Ebay?
3) When selling something on Ebay, do you pay Ebay fees before or after a sale is made?


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4 Nov 07 06:17:18 am
1. Getting into dropshipping is fairly easy. Find a supplier that dropships items at a price that can be profitable for you. Set up an account and start listing thier items.

Finding a good dropshipper on the other hand is tuff. 3 million people came before you are using the same dropshippers so ebay will be flooded with the same crap that others are trying to sell. Try to be unique and not sell electronics like most do. They are Forcing prices below wholesale in some situations especially with electronics.

Mkae sure you estimate what final value fees and listing fees are before making a listing. If you think you can make $20.00 profit on an item. Check your fees first. Many sellers have bankrupted themselves by not watching this.

2. Right now your best bet would be to close you paypal account now and save yourself a headache in the future. Paypal does nothing but rip off its sellers in the most stressing and painfull ways. Trust me, Anyone that thinks paypal is good has no clue. Try having them attempt to steal $23,000 from your account and you will know what I mean.

Get a merchant account it take a little more work to aquire but will cost less in fees to operate then paypal. Goto Link hidden: Login to view and use thier prefered alternative and also learn what I mean by how horrible paypal is.

3. Your fees are billed to you monthly not after each sale.

Hope that helps alittle

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6 Nov 07 07:51:23 pm
Joey, I've posted some information products on salehoo that ARE free to download, sell them on ebay for $5-10 each and keep the money...if you need anything else let me know

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6 Nov 07 08:38:21 pm
Hey grahang
where do I find those products?



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