Salehoo suppliers Question mark!

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16 Jul 08 11:49:18 am
I am new and still surfing suppliers to get what I want.
There are many stuff in the categories but no brand or even can't find any auction sites. One guru suggest to me that I have to go thru not the computer or electirc stuff but the ornaments or DVD movie.
I followed and checked that out. DVD movies what Salehoo suppliers posted are almost old movie and ornaments are not professional look.
Especially when I found what I want, those brand name I have never heard before.
So I am stuck. Give me some tips.
Even I am thinking of refunding money from Salehoo and I would.... :roll:

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17 Jul 08 05:25:03 am
What you decide to do with your Salehoo account is up to you and quite frankly I don't care.

eBay gurus are a dime a dozen. You have to sell what will sell and not what someone tells you to sell.

I use Salehoo as a source of data and product and am happy I made the jump.

Research is the key and it won't happen overnight. There are a lot of suppliers.


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