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11 Jul 13 08:55:56 pm
Alright, so I'm just starting out here and I want to sell products on eBay and have them drop shipped. I know a lot of wholesalers require a resell certificate. I'm located in Maryland, and the resell certificate needs to have a sales and use tax ID number on it.

I filled out the form to receive a number online, but it seemed that you are supposed to already be a registered business to be able to receive your number. I just entered it as a sole proprietorship and used my name and home address for company name and location.

I'm just curious if I'm going about all of this properly; I'm new to the game, and I want to do things right!

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12 Jul 13 01:57:04 am
Hello and welcome Rafielle,

I'm no tax expert but I think what you did is fine. Although in the future you may want to possible get a PO box address for your business rather than provide your home address ( more of a safety concern). I suggest approaching your country clerk office or a local account for proper guidance in this matter :)

You might find these helpful -

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Hope this helps!


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