Seasoned eBay Seller Stepping Into Large Inventory

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8 Sep 15 10:12:23 pm
Hello everyone, I'm new to salehoo just joined today, I've sold on ebay for a few years off and on. Started with household stuff, my old military gear, eventually made good friends with a local second hand/over stock store. He had starbucks products such as famous city mugs and espresso pods. My biggest sell was VIA starbucks packs. I bought a few cases and I was able to sell it very quickly. I bought when he got it in until he got in touch with a large supplier. I made my biggest adventure and bought 10 pallets. The owner of the store helped me so much and let me buy it on his credit and paid him off as I made sales. I sold a large volume making around $4k in a few days. I was able to take the packets out of their factory boxes and dump them into flat rate boxes. This way I could move 12 cases of coffee in one large flat rate box. However I ran into a novice mistake. The coffee was completely drinkable as it was sealed in a nitrogen packet but the best by date was for 2 years previous. The problem is that ebay considered best by and expired dates the same thing. Ebay shut me down so I made my own shopify store and sold the rest through there.

Long story short my problem is just like everyone else' at some point. I need consist inventory compared to spotty stuff I get from the local supplier. I'm not interested in drop shipping I actually live in an apartment that is connected to a moderately sized warehouse. We call it the "bunkhouse" given my business name bunkhouse direct. I have terapeak and find it very useful. I strongly favor consumables since...eventually they run out. I know plenty of people have been in my situation and I'm certainly not looking for a "secret". Just asking for any advice anyone is willing to give. I'm all for paying attention to items that sell however I don't want to get into a business of a product I don't have much knowledge on. Thanks to everyone in advance!

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8 Sep 15 11:13:31 pm
Hi Kevin and welcome to the forum,

Sounds like you were on to a great deal there previously, no thanks to eBay making it as difficult as they possibly could on you. Consumables do tend to be hot and cold in the surplus market, so finding a regular constant supply of a particular product will most likely be a bit of a struggle. We've got a few excellent fully verified liquidators listed in our directory that are well worth checking out, but I have no clue as to their consumable stock currently.

One I would definitely speak to would be Via Trading. Even if they don't have anything, you may be able to convince them to keep an eye out for you.

There is also Link hidden: Login to view (NOT VERIFIED BY US), but certainly specialize in your genre if you want to take a look at them.


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