Secondhand working game consoles and electronics supplier needed

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20 May 10 05:26:33 pm
Hey, I'm trying to start selling things online (preferably eBay) to make some money. I'm from Ireland. I'm interested in selling video games consoles or consumer electronics, because that what I know about. My starting capital is around 100-200 euro.(about 250 dollars)

I looked at but read some bad stuff about it here on SaleHoo, not so sure about it. And the postage is insane!

I looked at wholesale and I like the concept but the items I've seen so far, even at wholesale prices are too high for selling on eBay. Everyone always seems to have a lower price!

So now I'm liking the idea of selling second hand goods/electronics (still on eBay). Does anyone know of any good places online to get bulk second hand and working games consoles/ electronics?

Any advice on the above would be appreciated,

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20 May 10 10:58:51 pm
Hi garefield247,

The following suppliers may have something that might interest you:

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Should you use any of these suppliers, please let us know how you got on by adding a short review on the supplier profile page. Thanks.

By the way, have you tried contacting the suppliers first to negotiate on price? The reason I asked is because the best prices are never listed on the wholesalers’ website. Most suppliers will often tailor their prices to your order. And note that suppliers will also negotiate better prices with sellers that they have a good relationship with.

All the best!

PS - Don't forget to upload a picture to your profile!


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