Selling authentic and fake items on eBay?

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20 May 06 12:53:03 pm
Hey everybody.....I'm new to Sale hoo and have seen websites with authentic products and some that were not.My question is when you purchase these items and resell on Ebay,do you post them as authentic or not????? Thanks.... I was just wondering.... :)

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20 May 06 02:19:46 pm
If I am not sure something is fake or actually know that it is. I list it as I cannot guarantee its authenticy. This covers you. Then again be ready for a flood of emails! I list and LV bag once I got as a gift. I did not know if it was real or not - and my inbox was FULL! :shock:

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22 May 06 12:18:20 am
I'm pretty positive you can not sell fake handbags on Ebay. They could suspend you for this. Because it messes with the copyright of the designer - and they do not allow that. Even on - they are really cracking down also - I noticed many forums posting about this lately!

I think that goes for anything fake on Ebay. **only if they find out that is** it could even ruin your feedback ...

Be careful! Especially LV - there are competitors out there that will even report you if they notice the bag is fake! Ebay really is watching this authentic vs replica.

I'd be very careful!! :oops:

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30 Aug 06 10:42:20 pm
yeah if you're not sure if its real or not don't advertise it as authentic.


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