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20 Sep 10 04:14:44 am
Hi there,

I'm just wondering if anyone could give me advices about selling clothes on eBay. Particularly size wise. Do you generally purchase all sizes from the wholesale supplier? Or is there a particular size that sell well and I should stick to one size? If you do have all sizes, do you generally list them in one auction or 1 listing for each size? Any other advice about selling fashion on eBay is appreciated. Also, I'm not selling designer brand.

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21 Sep 10 02:49:28 am
Hi misenlai,

Honestly, I'm not quite sure how each seller goes about the different sizes or colors they sell.

But I would say for sellers offering a variety of sizes or colors most may resort to sourcing the items from a dropshipper otherwise you may need a big capital securing all those stocks plus a take bigger risk of the items not selling. Unless of course you are big time online seller/wholesaler :)

Have you heard of variation listing? This enable you to create a single multi-quantity fixed price listing that includes all the variations you offer - color, sizes, material... For example, you sell a pair of fashionable wedges - these might come in multiple colors and sizes, so instead of creating a number of separate listings for your product you can create a variation listing. Enabling your buyers to select which variation they want to purchase from a single listing. Plus you get more exposure for your products too!

To learn more about variation listing and how to create one, please visit this link: Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps. All the best :)


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