Selling Counterfit goods online?

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15 Apr 07 05:08:41 am
I have noticed their are plenty of counterfit NFL jerseys all over the place. I also noticed that ebay is one place where most sellers put their jerseys up for sale. My question is, how do these sellers get away with this? They are an established company with an established name selling lots of fake goods. How to DHGATE and many other company's get away with it? Is it because they are selling them 'online' they can get away with selling these jerseys without facing any fines from the government? What are the fines for selling these goods? If they advertise these goods as 'copies' or 'replica's' is that legal? If they got stopped at the border, what can happen to them? Iam just curious about this because these designer brands are everywhere. Where can I go about getting the 'true' authentic jerseys? Do you know how their distribution system works?


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15 Apr 07 11:26:57 pm
Maybe they have just been lucky. In order to receive fines and/or penalties, the jerseys would have to be either picked up at Customs or else dobbed in to eBay by other eBay members. If no one has complained, then they could easily get away with it. Selling fakes is an extremely risky business and definitely not something we recommend at Salehoo. But there will always be some people willing to take that gamble in order to make short term profits.


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17 Apr 07 05:13:26 pm
The reason they get away with it is because - in reality they are not really fakes as far as material and quality go - they are the same exact jersey that you would buy in the mall . The nfl produces all their jerseys in KOREA and CHINA just copys everything they do -to a tee or maybe alot of them are blemished ..people often forget all that makes up a jersey or most clothes is material -The problem is there is no DNA for a jersey, no way to tell if it was a bootleg or bought from the mall - the only thing that could get this under control would be having to produce paperwork . ..its like speeding in you car -will they keep everybody from speeding' no' but you better hope your not the one they stop .


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