Selling designer inspired handbags online?

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8 Nov 07 12:43:54 am
Hi guys,
I have been here a while soaking up all the information and doing lots of research.
I now have a few questions if you please.
I have a passion (obsession:) with handbags.
I own a few designer inspired handbags which are awesome quality (purchased from salehoo suppliers), and I don't have an issue with the fact that they are not authentic.
However with regard to resale online I realise that there are some big 'do nots' and 'no no's' but obviously there are still hundreds selling on ebay everyday that claim to be authentic but are obviously not.
My question is;
Can I resell them by being brutally honest and say ing eg 'Gucci inspired handbag' or am I still infringing on other policies?
All information, however small will be gratefully received.
Thanks alot

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8 Nov 07 10:37:50 pm
A lot of people do list handbags as 'designer inspired' but at soon as you say which designer, particularly in the title, you are heading into murky territory. What a lot of members have found here is that it is not so much eBay, but other competing sellers who may dob your listings in to suit their own ends.

You could try listing them, but keep Gucci out of the title and only in the description.

A better idea would be to list them on Craig's list and other auction sites with less competition and less stringent rules.



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