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Selling Ebook failure, another competition taking toll on me

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6 Apr 08 10:13:38 pm
Hi, Iam trying to sell an Ebay ebook on ebay, I've had some sales...maybe once or twice a week but I have another competition that keeps getting sales after sales. In one day he had 7 sales on one listing. I do not see how they chose him but I'm getting tired of selling ebooks. Does anyone have any tips they can give me or any suppliers they use so I can get back on the right track. Ebay fees are causing me to spend more than selling. My profit margin is at a negative right now. Please help.

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7 Apr 08 11:25:54 am
Given that eBay has screwed the ebook sellers at this point, it's moot isn't it? One thing I have always done when selling digital books is to offer as an alternative a physical delivery product that had the ebook on disc as well as other related material as a free bonus. If any of the ebooks you sell are good, hunt around for relevant stuff you could add to the product, put it on all on a CD and sell it as a 'system' rather than a 'book.'


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7 Apr 08 05:56:21 pm
I agree with fm1234, put it on disk and sell as a 'bundled system'. By that I mean offer several items relating to the same subject on the disk.....

As far as why your competition is selling more that you are,,,,take a look at his listing and see what he is doing different than you....What type of discriptions,, benefits, and such to make the sale...You need to have good sales copy to intice your potential buyer into action,,,some good words to make them want to buy your product right now...Give lists of benefits the product will have for them,,problems it will solve for them,,,time it will save them,,plus throw in some free bonuses to sweeten the deal.....

These are the things that make one seller sell more products than the other seller with the same product....

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13 Apr 08 01:20:33 pm
Is your competitors keyword stuffin his ads, so when anyone searches for 'money', his ad pops up, if this is so it is against ebays TOS so report it....

Is he a powerseller, with 1,000's of feedback, and you only have 100 feedback? I found this to be a huge problem until I had over 1,000 feedback - then no matter what I listed it sold like crazy.

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