Selling old cars and junk - Any thoughts?

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21 Feb 12 11:58:16 pm
browsing ebay one day I came accross what appeared to me to be a guy selling utter Junk, some of the feedback was well, derogatory, it seems to me, what this guy does (don't know for sure) is he travels around and finds old cars etc on farms and removes them for them, he then sells them on ebay, great idea, might have to get a 4x4 and car trailer.

he sold an old horsedrawn buggy, the buyer paid $800 and stated that they could not even get it on the trailer.

Would need to be realy honest with description.

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22 Feb 12 12:24:36 am
Hi T0PSales,

Looks like the famous saying goes well with your post "One man's junk is another man's treasure" :)

Might be something one could explore that is if you have a lot of junk lots to visit.

There is a show on TV about two guys who do this for a living, I just can't quite recall the title of the show.



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22 Feb 12 12:35:09 am
Pickers might be the show Richelle is thinking of actually.

Top idea, I used to do it with a mate years ago lol, and we made some sensational finds. Trouble with us was that we really didn't know what the value of anything was back then, it was more some fun for us. Getting in amongst all the gear stashed out in the old sheds lol, we had a ball!

We did well with old signs, but we scored two cars one week. Our most successful ever week, made us a grand or so each that week, and I'm talking about 1979 lol

I remember I bought a car, a new stereo and went to Adelaide for two weeks on that weeks earnings lol, thought I was rich :)

Just bare in mind that was all just local newspaper advertising as well, we didn't have any eBay to help us cash in, damn it lol

Mark (fudjj)

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22 Feb 12 11:21:18 pm
did you see pickers the other night mate, they bought 2 circus banner for $200 each, had them appraised and then sold them for $5000 each, they gave half the profit back to the guy.

Unfortunately I don't have morals like that, I would have kept all the profit.


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