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17 Mar 16 06:08:26 am
If you aren’t already, you should seriously consider selling on Amazon - If you want a larger more diverse customer base you’ll definitely find it there! If you need a bit more convincing check out the reasons listed in this Link hidden: Login to view.

What is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)? Is it the same as drop shipping?

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is not drop shipping. You purchase product, take pics, put Amazon labels over the UPC codes, pack boxes, print shipping labels, and send it on it's way. Amazon then processes it for you and stores it in their warehouses until it sells and they ship it. 14 days later you get paid.

There are some Salehoo Suppliers that will sell you product and ship it to Amazon for you. Here are few suppliers that can ship directly to Amazon:

Mountain View Movies
Worldwide Products Unlimited Inc
Rustic Town
Kole Imports

Learn more about Fulfillment by Amazon Link hidden: Login to view.

How to Get Traffic on Items Listed on Amazon?

Good keywords and selling popular products, they're the top absolutely best ways of getting traffic on a site like Amazon, no surprises there of course. Hopefully someone else may have some hidden trick.

A way to stand out on Amazon is to bundle multiple items together. For example if you are selling a chefs knife set, find a separate cutting board, bundle it with the knife set and include it in your keywords. You create a new item therefore "winning the buy box". You sell, you win.

Here’s a how-to guide to help you become a top seller on Amazon: Link hidden: Login to view

Online buyers are always on the look out for the best deals and this Link hidden: Login to view definitely has more than a few tricks to help you sell your products!

How do you get a US checking account for Amazon?

A few years back you had to have a US bank account but now Amazon offers Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers which is an optional service that allows existing sellers on the website who have a bank account in a country supported by Amazon to be paid directly into their local bank account. To learn more about this option please visit: Link hidden: Login to view

Alternately, you can charge through Amazon payments and service Payoneer virtual account payments partner. You can learn more about this option Link hidden: Login to view.

Online Selling Platform: Amazon vs eBay

Many sellers make the mistake of putting Amazon and eBay in the same e-commerce basket. They fail to realize that the differences between Amazon and eBay are profound.
Let's use an analogy to illustrate my point: Imagine that you are a mechanic for a moment. Now someone with no experience with cars walks in and tells you that repairing a custom hotrod is the same as fixing a pickup truck! You would inform them that yes, the concept is the same, but you go about it in very different ways.
This is the correct way to understand the differences between Amazon and eBay. Unfortunately, these differences are often hard for novice sellers to recognize.
A good understanding of these differences enables a seller to potentially earn a good profit on both sites. But a lack of knowledge can quickly cause a seller to lose a lot of money fast.

Learn more the crucial differences of Amazon from eBay Link hidden: Login to view.

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27 Apr 16 04:53:58 am
Hi ,

Thank you for your post. One more question, do FBA support foreign dropshipping like me ? I am from Viet Nam.


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27 Apr 16 05:19:02 am
Hi Trong,

Yesh, international sellers can use Amazon's FBA. See more details here Link hidden: Login to view

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