Selling on ebay - is this a bad idea?

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16 Jun 08 01:45:49 am
I am selling something kind of expensive on ebay cause i know i can get it for a good price if i buy 3 of them. I am selling 3 of them on ebay then use that money to buy them. Then they ship it to me and i ship it to the buyer. Is this bad?

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16 Jun 08 01:55:11 am
yes that is usually not a smart idea, becasue u have no idea how the product is your are buying is if it is good or bad, riped or scratched and then u use someoen else money to buy it, and if they are not happy u get complaints. i would get the stufff first then take my own pics and then sell it. if u do it your way you are lookign for a world of trouble that way .


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