Selling on Google Base - Anyone tried this method?

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8 Feb 09 03:56:24 am
Hello Salehooers.
I just posted a listing of Callaway Warbird Golf Balls on Google Base without the use of an auction site or a website(any eBay alternatives). Has anyone tried this method? Selling without a web site and only using Base?

Do I have any chance of making this sale or am I just going on false hope?
Here is the listing. Link hidden: Login to view.

Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.

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19 Feb 09 03:57:44 am
Hi beachdisney,

Google base is a great tool, but more effort needs to be put into establishing a brand and helping buyers feel comfortable buying from you. After viewing your post, here's what we recommend you work on:

1. Product description - you need to write more about your product
2. Product photos - you should provide more photos, maybe you can add a few photos of the golf balls not just the box.
3. Build your rapport or add something about you - since the buyer knows nothing about you, they may be a little apprehensive and not willing to trust you and your product.

We recommend setting up a free website as well, here's a blog post that may help: Link hidden: Login to view

A website will let you talk about yourself and your business and provide further information on your policies, with an FAQ, Contact page, photo of you and your business etc. All these things help put buyers at ease. Plus it will allow you to scale your business faster and most of these options have functionality for automatically submitting your listings to Google.

Hope this helps! Good luck! :)


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20 Feb 09 02:57:29 am
It works however most of the time you need your own site. And offer the option to pay by Google Checkout up front. People (especially shoppers) like the ease of access of just a straight merchant account.

Usually always have success with that on I OFFER and the like. The idea is to get your shopping feeds (your products) listed in as many shopping directories as you can. Because that's where the buyers really are, they are in the directories looking through and I found them as well. Having your site on thousands of linked directories doesn't hurt getting found either.


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