Selling online - Can't find my niche - Help please!

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23 Jun 08 10:43:03 am
Hi, I have been doing research for products, every time i find products on each every supplier site , i just can't find the right way to sell or find my new idea to sell them in a good price, such as consumer electronics which this is a really big headache, sporting goods and such, how should i start off, i just can't think of an idea, im just going in triangle and end up with nothing, if anyone can help out for good suppliers especially in demand products a good wholesale price or even my some margin that is competitive on ebay it would be great and not also just consumer electronics may some other genre of products that is in hot demand, if anyone can help it would be great because im stuck, confused and just lost on where and how to start :( , thanks. P.S is sorry if this thread is in the wrong section.

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14 Jul 08 04:40:28 am
Well you definately want to stay away from electronics unless you have a big bank account. There are ways of making way more profit on a single item then selling electronics for a few dollars profit.

A good trend is to buy in bulk. Retail liquidations is one of the most profitable markets you can move into. The more you buy the better the deals. But generally you can make very good profits buying into pallets.

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