Sharing Bad Experience With Selling on Amazon

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8 Sep 09 06:34:37 pm

I've been using ebay for quite a while (mostly as buyer). I started to sell item on ebay within last couple months on misc stuff. I hate their rediculous rules and fees & paypal. So I was looking for an alternate website - amazon!

Amazon has good structure - at least - no listing fees - only fv fee which is kind of high (8%+). However, no paypal fees and reimburse for shipping cost which is great. However, I have sold 14 ipods on their site - all with tracking numbers and delivered. Out of 14, I received only 3 feedback on amazon, and 4 other through email (which is worthless for my defend). They suspended my account without any explaination - except for 'routine systemm monitor or violations'. I have provide all requested info from them - none of my request was answered - except of auto-response. 'We are still investigating...'

Has anyone ever run into this problem and know a quick fix for it?


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9 Sep 09 02:41:08 am
my wife did she has sold alot on Amazon and provided tracking numbers. She has gotten no negative feedback from the things she sold. Amazon said that some of the stuff she sold violated their policy they will not get back with her after numerous request to explain to her. Also they are holding 3000USD for 90days even after suspending her account. I tried to open a Amazon account because both her and I sell different products they will not let me open an account because they claim that they can link my account to hers. I called them and explained to them that we are 2 different sellers but they still will not let me have an account even thou they have no proof that she will be selling on my account. They will not even give me a chance to prove my worth

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19 Sep 09 02:37:46 pm
I was a seller on Amazon for a long time, I was selling Software doing about 3-5k a month, just out of the blue I woke up to an email saying your account has been suspended.SHOCK! Help! Why!

It took 90 days to get my Money owned. Amazon is brutal they don't care. They accused me of selling academic software.

Tried to get back, & NO-Way to get back, I tried using My wife, & even my daughter which lives in another city & they some how found out.

My Amazon experience.

John (aka bacpro)

J Baca

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20 Sep 09 03:10:44 pm
Yep me too! They won't let the little guy make money! I was selling a new copy of zumba fitness and was selling it for my neighbor and amazon suspended my account because of copyright! I mean I wasn't copyrighting anything. It was an authentic brand new copy and I didn't realize you couldn't advertise it as new-They cancelled my account and wouldn't even explain. No way to get back in!

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24 Sep 09 05:47:32 pm
I recently encountered another rediculous claim. The buyer apparently claimed they never received the order eventhough it was confirmed delivery by USPS. Amazon suspended my account again because of the A-Z claim. They refund the amount to the buyer without my permission. I hope that anymore try to do their business does not have to face these issues but just a head up!!

Thanks for sharing all of your experience!

I'm about to submit a press about amazon on this issue!!

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24 Sep 09 11:33:38 pm
And I thought eBay was ugly (based from the stuff I've read here and other forums) ...this has been quite an eye opener, really!

I'm sure your experiences will help prepare other members who are planning to or considering to sell on

Thanks Guys! :)


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19 Oct 15 03:22:32 pm
This thread is probably dead by now but I wanted to chime in. I was making 1500-2k per month on amazon but was not getting feedback from happy customers. I got 3 A to Z claims from remorse buyers within a month and was shut down. I emailed and emailed Amazon until they responded. I truly think they want you to brown nose their policies a little bit to let them know you have read them. My account was reinstated within a week of giving them a plan of action on what I would do to change my processes. When they emailed me they hinted about me taking advantage of their services(FBA, buying postage etc). When my plan of action included these services they re-instated my account.

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19 Oct 15 07:02:18 pm
Hi Nicholas and welcome to the forum,

Thanks for sharing, it's experience like that that new sellers can learn from.

Mark (fudjj)

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