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15 May 09 12:31:46 am
OK, so one of my items sell and i get an email saying item sold.. now my problem is, on the ebay email i have a mailing address the 'buyer's shipping address and on ebay under the sold item 'order details' under shipping address it shows a different shipping address.. which one is right? i know they could of used someone elses ebay account to order and then shipped it to somewhere else.. so which one is the right address?

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15 May 09 12:48:46 am
i would contact paypal in that situation, just to be safe. find out out what shipping address they suggest shipping it to. let the buyer know where your shipping it to. and get delivery conformation as well just to protect yourself. that way if the buyer tries to say he didn't get it, you have proof that you sent it to the address paypal told you to. thats what i would do, but im still a newb at this maybe someone else will have better advice for ya

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15 May 09 12:49:24 am
Send them a 10 second email confirming their shipping address, that's the easiest.

Whatever you do, make sure you have payment before shipping anywhere!

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15 May 09 01:32:51 am
If they paid by paypal, always ship to the address they have on their paypal account whether confirmed or unconfirmed. If the item over $250, make sure you have the receiver sign for the package that way, you have proof of shipping and have their signature captured in case of a dispute.


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