Should I open up an eBay Store or not?

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25 Feb 13 12:32:36 am
Hello everyone!!

I have been researching this subject on the internet and I'm getting mixed results and many different opinions so I need some advice regarding this issue.

my main concern is fees ( i don't want to pay them :P), traffic to my items is not an issue, my sales are steady and slowly increasing,

when is it cost effective to open up a store?
What is the point where you break-even on monthly sub for the store? (how much money you need to sell, how many items up etc.)

Do you save on final value fees? or is auction style still the least FVF you can pay? (whether or not you have store)

I'm looking for numbers please there are so many generalized opinions about the subject on the internet that confuses me, when I look up the fee comparison on eBay's website I get confused even more!

Thanks for reading

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25 Feb 13 06:43:48 am
Hello Line10,

From one of our guides, Link hidden: Login to view

eBay's official recommendation on this is that sellers should not even think about opening a store until they have at least 25 or more listings on eBay at all times, but I would venture to go a bit further. Based on my 8 1/2 years of experience working at eBay and being an eBay Powerseller, I recommend that new sellers wait until they have been selling for at least 3-6 months on eBay as well, and until they are already generating at least $500 a month in sales.

To help you decide we have also put together this blog which shows benefits to opening an ebay store and the numbers you are looking for :)

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Hope this helps!


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