So Should I dropship or keep doing what Im doing?

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8 Jan 08 05:47:58 am
Alright so I have been selling xbox 360s for a while now, handeling, packaging, testing, shipping...blah...blah. I get these things real cheap and make almost 24 bucks per unit after everything is said and done. My supplier offered me droppshipping and it would give me an extra $8.00 per unit profit and I wouldnt have to touch thing. I only make 24 bucks per unit when they sell, i list 7 a day and usually sell about 3 with buyitnow. If I listed in auction format the price would drop a bit but I could push double what I am now. Now here is the problem...Out of every lot of 50 that I buy about 8 do not work. I catch this when I test them but If I dropship then I run the risk of negative feedack if I send 8 non working units. Plus I would be dealing with so many more customers. I do ebay for money while in college and I dont want to get in over my head...What should I do?

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8 Jan 08 11:08:43 am
Just stay like you are because it's already working for you. That's what I think, anyway. And the eight bucks--will it be worth the headache?

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8 Jan 08 11:33:27 pm
I have to agree with iluvmykids..If it's not broke,,don't fix it...

One of the biggest killers of someone who is doing business by dropshipping is that you have absolutly no control over the actual quality or shipping times of the items that you are selling...

And when something goes wrong, wether it be slow shipping,, product arriving and not working or not arriving at all,,, the customer is not going to be looking at the dropshipper, they are going to be looking at you for answers...And even though it will be something you had no control over, you are going to be the one that they blame...

So if you are making decent money with the way you're doing business right now, then stick with it..Don't get greedy, just take it slow and steady..Your business reputation (including customer relations) is a key factor in being successful in any business..So keep your reputation in your OWN hands....

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9 Jan 08 01:13:02 am
Yeah small profit can turn to a big loss if one item goes missing and your stuck with the bill. Not worth 8 bucks

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9 Jan 08 04:24:07 am
Yes,it doesn't worth risking.If there is something wrong with the products or delivery,your customers will directly point at you,and may lose trust on you!It will be worse if they leave bad feedbacks!


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