Something wrong with my website?

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10 Apr 07 04:15:50 pm
Hi all, I'm rather new to Online marketing and just set-up my e-commerce website to sell stuff. But not sure why nobody patronise or even purchase anything? Is there anything wrong? Price? Products? No awareness?

Please HELP!!!

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10 Apr 07 06:44:25 pm
What's your web address?

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10 Apr 07 06:47:58 pm
Yes a website address would be great

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10 Apr 07 09:18:55 pm
Could be a lot of reasons depending on the items your selling and price.

Also where are you marketing your site?

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11 Apr 07 01:04:08 pm
Yea! just because you build a website, don't mean that they will come.

Having a website and not promoting and advertising is like opening a store in a citys
back alley, if no one knows that your are there
they will not come. Simpley the key to success is advertsing and thats were the big boys with deep pockets are going to kill you.

If you don't get high ranking in google its that
simple you won't get visits. Sure there are other
ways to promote like TV but the only one's with this kind of money are the big boys....

My opinon


J Baca

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12 Apr 07 04:01:39 pm
I gave up on the e-commerce site myth longtime ago...

Just do a google search on the product you sell, let try Bushnell Binocular Camera (not really popular, less than 10 searches a day)

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around 572,000 webpages, yep... 572,000 competiton pages...

Even the manufacturer Bushnell isn't on the first pages!!!

Now if you look at a popular item such as iPod, there are over 235,000,000 competing pages...

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12 Apr 07 08:36:20 pm
It takes a long time and work to get on the top, this is for sure.

By putting your store all over the web, on ebay, amazon, bizrae, etc. You'll get alot more visibility.


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